WAC 296-46B-920(2)(a)-(n): Electrical Specialties

An EL 01 can perform all types of electrical and telecommunications installations, as well as minor plumbing under RCW 18.106.150. And then there are the following electrical specialty licenses.

Residential (02)

WAC 296-46B-920(2)(a) details the scope of an EL 02.

Pump and Irrigation (03)

Domestic Pump (03A)

Signs (04)

Limited Energy System (06)

HVAC/Refrigeration (06A)

HVAC/Refrigeration Restricted (06B)

Nonresidential Maintenance (07)

Nonresidential Lighting Maintenance and Lighting Retrofit (07A)

Residential Maintenance (07B)

Restricted Nonresidential Maintenance (07C)

Appliance Repair (07D)

Equipment Repair (07E)

Telecommunications (09)

Door, Gate, and Similar Systems (10)