wac &

Keyword index based on the
2020* WAC 296-46B &
2018* Chapter 19.28 RCW

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Please note that the book is only available through eBay at this time.

  • The indispensable keyword index for anyone taking the Washington State Journey-Level Electrician, Master Electrician, and Electrical Administrator exam.
  • For the Electrical 01 and all electrical specialty exams.
  • Fast WAC & RCW Finder can also be used to find topics when you are studying the WACs and RCWs to prepare for your exam.

You have 60 minutes for the WAC/RCW portion of the Washington State electrical exam. Fast WAC & RCW Finder will save you valuable time when you take the Washington State Journey-Level Electrician, Master Electrician, or Electrical Administrator exam. This keyword index will help you zero in on the places in the WAC and RCW to help you find the answers to the WAC and RCW questions—fast.

* Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) states that the current electrical laws (Chapter 19.28 Revised Code of Washington/RCW) became effective June 2018, and the current electrical rules (Washington Administrative Code/WAC 296-46B) became effective October 29, 2020. Please also note that L&I sometimes may post amendments and rule changes, so be sure to check the L&I website to stay current.

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