How to Study and Understand WAC 296-46b and Chapter 19.28 RCW

This isn’t the type of material people read for fun.

There aren’t any funny jokes, no inspirational or motivational messages, no pictures of fluffy puppy dogs. So why are you here? How did you find this article?

You typed words in your search engine, desperately trying to find ways to untangle the rules and laws in Washington State’s WAC and RCWs for the electrical industry. Probably because you are preparing to take a test: the journey level electrician, master electrician, or electrical administrator test.

And so we meet.

Hi. My name is Lucy, and I’m your tour guide in the land of WACs and RCWs.

Actually, I’m the creator of the Fast WAC & RCW Finder, a keyword index that could help you over the finish line when you take your electrical exam.

In my blog, I will also be sharing insights into understanding these Washington State rules and laws.

Glad to meet you. There is hope.

My book, Fast WAC & RCW Finder, is based on the 2020 WAC 296-46b and 2020 Chapter 19.28 RCW. As of now, the book is available for purchase only through my eBay listing.

Fast WAC & RCW Finder

Fast WAC & RCW Finder Front Cover

2 thoughts on “How to Study and Understand WAC 296-46b and Chapter 19.28 RCW”

  1. This. Is. Amazing.
    Hi, I was just sent home with a big F on my WAC/RCW test. 50/50 shot on only 17 questions- No big deal… Well, it was like reading the terms of agreement for Facebook. Wow. I was lost. I wanted to create an index, like they have for the NEC, and it was going to be for everyone… But here you are! Thank you so much! Hopefully, this will be the key to success on my re-take next year 😀

    1. Hi Jose, thanks for your comment. Yup, reading the RCWs and WACs can feel a lot like de-coding a secret language. I’m in the business of making it easier to understand this type of language.

      My book is now available for purchase. See my “Shop” page. I only have it available through eBay right now, as I’m not done setting up my commerce page. I wish you well on your retake.

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