Month: February 2021

WAC 296-46B-920(2)(a)-(n): Electrical Specialties

An EL 01 can perform all types of electrical and telecommunications installations, as well as minor plumbing under RCW 18.106.150. And then there are the following electrical specialty licenses.

Residential (02)

WAC 296-46B-920(2)(a) details the scope of an EL 02.

Pump and Irrigation (03)

Domestic Pump (03A)

Signs (04)

Limited Energy System (06)

HVAC/Refrigeration (06A)

HVAC/Refrigeration Restricted (06B)

Nonresidential Maintenance (07)

Nonresidential Lighting Maintenance and Lighting Retrofit (07A)

Residential Maintenance (07B)

Restricted Nonresidential Maintenance (07C)

Appliance Repair (07D)

Equipment Repair (07E)

Telecommunications (09)

Door, Gate, and Similar Systems (10)

WAC 296-46B-970(2)(e): Classes Required for Renewing Washington State Electrician, Master Electrician, or Administrator Certificate

To be able to renew your certificate (also known as your license), you must have at least 8 hours of approved continuing education classes for each year of the prior certification period. The classes can be taken in separate years or all in one year. What does this mean?

For example, Joe got his EL01 certificate in November 2020. His certificate expires in June 2023. From 2020 to 2023, it counts as 3 years, so he has to complete 24 hours (8 hours per year x 3 years) of continuing education units (CEUs) before he can renew his certificate.

Now, there are some restrictions on what types of classes are absolutely required in those 24 hours of CEUs:

  • 8 hours must be on the currently adopted National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • 4 hours must be on the currently adopted Chapter 19.28 RCW and/or its related WAC 296-46B

That leaves 12 hours of any other approved classes that Joe can take. Joe can complete all 24 hours of CEUs in 2022, or he can complete some of the hours in 2021, some in 2022, and some before June 2023.

How to Study and Understand WAC 296-46b and Chapter 19.28 RCW

This isn’t the type of material people read for fun.

There aren’t any funny jokes, no inspirational or motivational messages, no pictures of fluffy puppy dogs. So why are you here? How did you find this article?

You typed words in your search engine, desperately trying to find ways to untangle the rules and laws in Washington State’s WAC and RCWs for the electrical industry. Probably because you are preparing to take a test: the journey level electrician, master electrician, or electrical administrator test.

And so we meet.

Hi. My name is Lucy, and I’m your tour guide in the land of WACs and RCWs.

Actually, I’m the creator of the Fast WAC & RCW Finder, a keyword index that could help you over the finish line when you take your electrical exam.

In my blog, I will also be sharing insights into understanding these Washington State rules and laws.

Glad to meet you. There is hope.

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