Hi, I’m Lucy. I’m the creator of Fast WAC & RCW Finder. I’m an editor and writer. One of my goals is to make fuzzy language clear and easy to understand.

The Story Behind Fast WAC & RCW Finder

Shortly after I graduated from college, I worked for a textbook publisher. Some of the books I worked on were test prep books based on the National Electrical Code (NEC). People who were studying to take the journeyman electrician and master electrician exams were the ones who would use these books.

I edited many other types of textbooks for my employer as well. Now and then I would be tasked with creating indexes for these textbooks. That’s right. Those indexes that you find at the back of a textbook.

So with that background in mind, fast-forward to the year 2020.

A friend of mine was studying to take the Washington State 01 journey-level electrician exam. While he had key word indexes for the NEC, such as Tom Henry’s Key Word Index and Ferm’s Fast Finder, he didn’t have a keyword index for the Washington State WAC and RCW portion of the journeyman’s test that would help him through that 60-minute test.

Seems like answering 17 questions in 60 minutes shouldn’t be such a big deal.

As you probably know, it can be quite a big deal. Otherwise, why would you be on my website?

If you don’t know the Washington Administrative Code and Revised Code of Washington like the back of your hand, you have to slog through single-spaced lines and lines of words to answer 17 questions in 60 minutes. On top of that, the questions may not be worded crystal clear. On top of that, the wording in the WAC and RCW may not be worded crystal clear.

So I decided to mobilize my textbook publishing experience and my experience with the NEC, and create a keyword index for people who are taking the Washington State electrical certification exams. So here’s the book I created for people taking the Washington State journey-level electrician, master electrician, and electrical administrator exams.

I wish you the best as you take this indispensable keyword index into your test with you.

Fast WAC & RCW Finder

Fast WAC & RCW Finder Front Cover